Monday, June 27, 2011

Rik & His early morning Ha Ha doodle-doo medley "everybody's talkin' / gentle on my mind"

"Grandpa Rik?What's a 'Ha Ha?" Well, gather round, you kids. That was, you see, my name for the first guitar I ever saw, probably on Gene Autry or Roy Rogers TV shows. I was I guess 3 or 4" And my folks, mom & dad, my grandparents, and so on... they got such a laugh. Ha ha, Ricky calls a guitar a Ha Ha. So I guess it sort of a family joke.
This post is only intended as a temporary one, with the impromptu doodling, and checking out how it might sound using the recording equipment. But if you was to happen to play along and want to comment and add some words, pass 'em on, okay? The photo is a grandpa pic, May, 2001, Karen & my visit to Maine, visiting Amy & the kids. Me oh my, how they have grown. And I probably look different, too, come to think of it. 2nd thought, I'd rather not! Credits to Fred Neil and John Hartford are referred to in the recording as to the songs' writers.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rik's radio interview.... June 2011 (21 minutes)

You guys weren't around here in the M2WB hey day. But they were quite the band. For a live show, no one could beat them. The DVD documentary produced and broadcast on our Montana PBS is really worth checking out as to the whole band's story. But in my day, I marveled at them and got to know 'em a bit, back when the Montana Wildhat band was pickin' out the covers in the bar band circuit. This interview with the band's bassist Steve Riddle was produced with KGLT engineer Brodie Cates on June 15, 2011, for intended broadcast on June 25. Well, the gig at Big Sky you hear about in the interview got cancelled. Boo hooey. That's show biz, boys. Anyhow, I put it up here for your exclusive pleasure, and because I'm always looking for an audience, I guess. Hope you may enjoy it. To get a copy of the CD, well, listen to the interview!

"Tell Me Why" TONY JOE WHITE... Indian Lake trip, year of ... 1969?

How about some Geezer Buckeye Teenage nostalgia for an ol' Louisiana swamp gator singer on the transister radio.... Rob and Roger may or may not remember. But there was this weekend camping trip one summer. I think it was Indian Lake. I don't remember exactly where Indian Lake is, but I guess it wasn't too far afield from central Ohio. Tim McCreary with his '67 LeMans was there. And my Peachblow Road pal since even before grade school, Steve Vaughn was also along. We were shining the flashlights and looking for girls. Weren't we? A shrug, a sigh, I can't remember much. But I do remember, that TONY JOE WHITE's "Polk Salad Annie" was on the pop radio, and we grunted along with him, singing about that straight razor totin' woman, "... . fever got you, Granny..." Ah, good times .... Rob got his tooth chipped by my carelessness on the front end of the canoe. After some late night razzing about something, Steve told us in no uncertain terms, we "... could all eat shit and die, and bark at the moon, goddammit!!" Which we all thought a memorable thing for our future bucket list. I think I was heavy into my Fender Villager 12-string, and wanting to do Glen Campbell songs. Was Gary there with his Clapton blues guitar riffs? Was Roger quoting Hugh Hefner lines, or citing notable playmates of the month? I jes can't remember everything, you know? Anyhow, this Tony Joe song is in the here and now. It has a groove I enjoy, from Tony's latest Swamp Records album, The Shine. Key: E minor.... Em... Bm... Am

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Spring Sea

And now for something completely different: A tune from the National Diet Library music catalog (in Japan). "Haru no umi, 1" (The spring sea, part 1)

(The page is in Japanese, but just click the "play" button.)

Test Sending Blog Posts to

Hi Guys,
I just set our vaaast array of blogs (geezetunes, geezecast, geezewords) to automatically send an email to (Geezer Club Forum) whenever a new post is posted to the blog.

Let me know if you find this insufferably annoying. I'll tell you were to get off. This is a post to Geezetunes

take care,
geezemeister rob
Includes a picture just for the hell of it, and to see if pictures come through in the email message...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jimmie Rodgers sings "Waiting for a Train"

I thought you guys might appreciate this video. I'm reading Peter Guralnick's "Lost Highway," where he talks about how influential Jimmie Rodgers was to both blues and country music.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Thank You Mister, Martin, I'm Alright"

Any Martin gutiar owner can appreciate this old footage from Nazareth. I dug it. Hope you will, too. Martin Guitar - 1939 - a short film with Norman Blake & Tony Rice playing their vintage Martins.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"The Cougar Anthem" - GLENNA BELL

I think this is FUN song. "Hot, Hot, Hot!!" (but maybe I am just immature.) It is from Glenna Bell's CD I got from Airplay Direct, a new digital delivery system to radio. She has some great stuff. I think this one is a gas. But, WARNING!! You might not want to let your woman hear it, lest you be subjected to the "upgrade" as mentioned in the anthem.

"Daniel & The Sacred Harp" (new version by Chris Coole)

In March, 2011, we had a duo peform for our Bozeman Folklore Concert Series. Chris Coole, who lives in Montreal, also had his solo CD with him. I purchased a copy. On it, he did this version of the the great old song by The Band. Thought maybe you fellers might like it. Does you know the chords? This version is a bit easier to figure out, as it somewhat simplified. Of course you cannot ever replace the great memory of hearing Rick and Levon swap out the lines. Or Garth's squeeze box reality he put to it. But this is a good version, and the story still makes me wanna dance up with them whiporwhills, fiddle (or harp) in hand. Look up Chris Coole at He is very well thought of in the clawhammer banjo community. And I enjoyed getting to know him. IF he is in your neck of the woods, poke your beak out and give him a listen!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Big Love" by ERIC TAYLOR

This is from Eric Taylor's CD, "The Great Divide" from 2005. Last night Eric introduced this song by telling about the 450-lbs man known as "Big Love," and how the story came to be. He was an EXTREMELY shy person, there in Houston. He lived with his mother, who ran a flower shop. He would pick up all kinds of papers with phone numbers on them, and he would make calls to the numbers, and engage them in all manner of conversations. It was like his big social world, him being so shy, due to his self-esteem about his weight, etc. It is an amazing story. I hope you like the song and can sometime hear him perform it in person. It really added my appreciation to this and other of his songs.Eric will be in Seattle, Saturday, June 11th, at Egan's Ballard Jam and participates in a Master Songwriter class the Sunday after. I think he's the real deal and hope Rob can go. Tour schedule at Read more on our concert page at